Skunk & Compost

I don’t have a real compost pile, but I do throw my kitchen scraps and garden clippings over the side of the hill at the edge of my yard. Theoretically, the idea is to counteract the erosion that has visibly taken place there over the past several years.

Maybe the scraps are part of the reason why there was a skunk around in the first place, but when I went outdoors with a bowl of kitchen scraps tonight, all of a sudden I found myself about five feet away from one! It already had its tail up, but was still facing me!  I ran away from it, screaming– which probably wasn’t the smartest response, but I did make it safely back into the house, where I watched through the back window as the skunk ambled on over to the edge of the yard and disappeared down the hill.  I was so grateful that I had turned on the porch light tonight instead of just walking out in darkness as I normally do, or I would never have seen that skunk in time to escape!


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